Plecto is a real-time dashboard for data-driven performance optimization. We make it easy for companies to customise their own dashboards and visualize team performance.

Motivate and optimize performance with business dashboards

Transform the way you motivate your employees. Openly recognise achievements across the office and departments and engage your employees with gamification elements. Motivated employees perform better and Plecto is what engages them.

t is easy to get started. Simply add your data source and start visualizing your company data and KPIs on business dashboards with Plecto. You can integrate Plecto with your current business systems or input data manually with just a few clicks.

Visualise KPIs

Keep track of your business performance with real-time KPI visualisation.

Motivate employees

Motivate and engage your employees with gamification features and notifications for business dashboards.

Develop your team

Bringing your team’s data into your office makes it possible for your team to take more responsibility and ownership of their performance.

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